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Portable Smart Bartender

Brewmac is an AI enabled smart cocktail,mocktail,drinks dispenser and also a featured bartending technology solutions, that uses IOT and advanced machine learning algorithms to solve complex drink dispensing and mixing techniques.

It is a breakthrough  innovation from us, inspired from extensive research and development to solve the most common bartending problems faced in any bar operations. The core technology , functionality and the AI behind Brewmac's operation can be customized as a solution to suit any level of bar digitisation and drinks automation operations.

Brewmac is the first commercial bartending solution purpose build for managing  and optimising back bar operations by creating a harmonious working relation with the human bartender.

Brewmac can also be a customer facing self vending solution for hotels, busy & crowded bars, restaurants , event venues where brewmac can interact with guests and staffs, handle payments , access cards and dispense drinks.

"   With Brewmac you can custom build  an
 AI enabled digital bar 

that pours every drink with an exceptional precision of less than 2 ml "


“The problem of  shrinkage at the bar is extremely widespread, that most don’t even realize ”

“  reports indicate that pilferages in the bar—most restaurants’ major profit center—is rampant. While statistics are hard to come by, one liquor-auditing service estimates that bar losses equal about 23 percent of the bottom line ”  


How Brewmac features can help?

Core features allows to customise scenarios  at crowded bars in   nightclubs, beach bars, In room mini bar, private home bars , custom made digital bar counters , lounges , restaurants , banquets and meeting venues 


No Pilferages, Wastage & Spillage 

Brewmac eliminates any spillage, over-pouring , liquor theft through our state of art nozzle design and auto lock digital door mechanism combined with AI monitoring

No Cross-Contamination

Brewmac's exceptional nozzle  engineering ensures the quality of drinks by pouring each liquid separately in its dedicated channel, eliminating any chance of cross-contamination 

Drink Data Tracking & Transparency 

Brewmac tracks & records remotely every actions ,every drops of liquid added and dispensed, any actions performed over the system. Deep dive into the inventory and setup auto data reporting . 


Improved TAT and Reduced Counter Chaos

Brewmac’s speed ,ability to parallel dispense drinks in less than 30 sec reduces the service TAT and close orders faster.It serves 700 drinks an hour in ideal setup. 

Perfect and Consistent drink 

With Brewmac every drink is dispensed as per your recipe.Nothing more, nothing less . Just a tap , the drink is dispensed exactly the same every time. Enjoy perfect drink,everytime! 

Reduce Expenses & Increases Revenue 

Brewmac speed, ability to control wastages & pilferages efficiently help to influence the F&B sales revenue up to 30% by increased productivity and cutting non - essential costs. Contact us to know more.

Unique Brewmac


Cloud Support

Brewmac supports cloud-based recipe, inventory, drink history and data management. Several hundred machines can be configured , monitored and managed over cloud  through user login.


Parallel Dispense

The state of art nozzle dispensing technology in Brewmac allows upto 6 liquids to be poured parallely with an average flow rate of 20 ml/sec. This helps no contamination , fast pour to control TAT.

Digital Lock

Brewmac's security function allows digitally locking doors to shield the beverages inside the chamber from   illegal access.      Notifies users for empty bottle by  auto sensing features. 

AI & Accuracy

Precision is what makes Brewmac unique.The built-in AI  ensures, every drink is poured quickly with  amazing precision of less than 2 ml.  AI manages entire functionality and user preferences.


Smart Digital Bar 

All of the power packed features in Brewmac can convert into a  custom designed digital smart  bar comprising  display & back bar, jointly managed by AI ,human bartender   in real time.

Use Case Scenarios

Cocktail Bars 

Brewmac is known for making the cocktails with a speed and precision. Most classic , stirred & straight cocktails get dispensed in few seconds ,so the bartender can show their skills on exotic and complex shaken drinks

Digital AI Bar

Brewmac features converts an existing bar into an fully functional AI enabled digital back bar. That includes digitally managing inventories,orders , consumption and working together with  bartender. 

Crowded Venues

Crowded Venues includes  Night Clubs, Beach bar, Brunch venues, Free flow drinks venue. Brewmac preloaded or access cards can be used to buy or refill drinks within the venue machine(s)

Banquet & Events

Brewmac redefines customer experience with an  eye-catching way to attract guest  & a smart,interactive way to prepare and dispense drinks at the table . BM trolley maneuvers in the crowd ,as trolley service

In-room Mini Bar

Convert existing mini bar at the guest room into a digital mini bar, increase mini bar sales with wide choices. Guest drinks are now available in the In room mini bar with a tap of key or credit card

On the waters 

Cruise Liners ,Yacht & beach  parties. Manage the parties on the waters in style and private pool parties with Brewmac tabletop & trolley. Let the guest try  their own recipe on the machine 

Hotel & Restaurants

Brewmac can support any outlets , be it a restaurant serving mocktails ,cocktails , or a sports bar , lounges etc.  

Guest can use the room key card to access the drinks anywhere within the hotel


Airport lounge bars &  private lounges  where complimentary drinks are poured. Guest can now dispense their cocktails ,mocktails of their choice at the counter

Join the journey, Build your AI bar operation with Brewmac !

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